June 5, 2017


I spent the entirety of my third year of college abroad. Location: Paris, France. 

It wasn't my first rodeo in Paris, though. I also spent the majority of my summer in 2015 in Paris as part of a language immersion program through Yale. My fondest memories of that summer involved late nights, roaming the streets among a concord of lighthearted and uninhibited friends. In the City of Light, we stumbled into random cafés that were opened late into the evening and allowed ourselves to sit back and take in the energy of the world unraveling around us; time was trivial and the days seemed to simply melt into one another. It was my first time in Paris, and I was hooked.

So I went back a second time, beyond excited about having the opportunity to spend an entire year becoming intimate with a stranger turned lover, my favorite city. I spent that year doing nothing and absolutely everything: hopping around Europe, taking day naps in a blanket of summery warmth in the random parks I came across, indulging in wine and cheese with friends, getting lost in the metro, reading dramatic novels, their pages laced with the crumbs of croissants and pain au chocolats I chain-ate, and complaining about the tourists who blocked my path, forgetting that I myself was once one. And I did all of this while constantly on the brink of stepping in dog shit.

The following summer, still in Paris, I worked as a digital media and communications intern with a fashion PR firm during when I discovered the beautifully curated photos of dozens of people. I scavenged instagram for breathtaking photos and found my inspirations. From then on, I fleetingly decided to embark on a visual and narrative journey that eventually became 'Jamarchives.' I began paying a bit more attention to the photos I took and contextualized them in my mind more meticulously. My photo albums eventually became archives that I delved into weeks after taking the pictures, nostalgically remembering the captured moments. I reminisced for weeks on certain experiences before publicly sharing photos, keeping these special moments within the confines of my own mind.

Below are photos from the very beginning of my adventure. Some already published and publicly visible, some still leaving footprints in my head. It's time they leave footprints in the world, however big or small.